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Read what some of our 2017 hunters said about their hunting experiences with Grizzly Outfitters, LLC:

Thank you for completing one of my top bucket list items - twice! By coincidence I met Cole on an Alaskan Peninsula brown bear hunt and followed up with him for a 2014 elk hunt. That year you helped me tag a 351" elk in Montana archery season. In 2017 I returned with my son because I knew there were few outfits that could offer the same high quality opportunity. I was fortunate to exceed the 2014 hunt with a 400" Montana archery elk! I appreciate the low key approach and family-style of Grizzly Outfitters. Everything from my guide, Pat Monroe, to those delicious late evening meals was a perfect fit for me. The quality of the elk herd is incredible. There was not a day where I did not see an elk that exceeded 350". Many things must come together to be successful on a trophy bull elk archery hunt. To have it happen twice would be incredible, except for the fact that Grizzly Outfitters does this quite often. Needless to say both my son and I plan to return. If you only do one guided elk hunt in your life, make it with Grizzly Outfitters!

Greg K.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Benton,

Thank you so much for all you do for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation youth hunt!  I am very greatful that I was awarded the youth hunt this year because I had a lot of fun!


Karina Mysse
Donated Youth hunt with Buffalo Chapter RMEF

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know Billy and I made it home safely to Virginia. No issues, no lost luggage or guns. We had a wonderful time in camp and look forward to coming back and hunting with you. PAT was absolutely perfect and we hit it off right from the start. The food, accommodations, and hospitality were second to none, and you should be very proud of everybody including yourselves in your camp. Thank You Again, and BE SAFE.

Ken K

Thank You for a great hunt last week. Awesome accommodations and hospitality. ...and you were right after Brad warmed up he was a funny guy - please tell him great job! We are already planning to return just the strategy of timing. I took about 350 pics my wife and kids were in awe.

Tom B. & Chris L.

Hello Elaine,

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you and Cole what a great time we had. You and your crew made us feel right at home. We look forward to talking to Cole in December about future hunts. I assume Brad and Pepper will email our pictures when things calm down around there a bit. Thanks again.

Brett L. (Bob and Mike Too)

PS. We really enjoyed the trip over the Bighorns. Thermopolis was great too, the hot springs felt good.

1997 to 2017 WOW !!!!  Over the past 20 years I have hunted with Grizzly Outfitters, I believe, 10 times & every year gets better. From the first hunt back in '97 I knew you were dedicated to running an outstanding operation. Cole & Elaine are like family. From the 1st class accommodations, knowledgeable guides and the abundance of game to the fantastic home cooked meals. Every year you keep on improving.

Your #1 goal is to see that your clientele have the time of their life.

Thank you Ed Foust for an outstanding guiding job and it was good to see Pepper & Pat again.

Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2018.              

Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday Season.

Thank You,

Dave S.

P.S. Everyone I've brought along to hunt over the years has left with
a smile !!!!!

I am writing to you to say thanks for yet another fantastic cow elk hunt at Grizzly Outfitters. This year’s hunt was perhaps the best so far! I was fortunate to be guided by Cole, and true to form, we were in elk in the first morning, not 90 minutes after getting out of the truck at daybreak. We started with two-mile long walk in the frosted, sage brush-covered hills and stopped at every hill crest to glass for elk. During the fourth or perhaps fifth stop we caught glimpse of a bull, a cow, and a calf, on a hillside, 700-800 yards away. We dropped into one of the shallow wooded valleys, and quickly cut the distance to 300 yards. We were able to find a good rest on a hilltop, and I had the opportunity to use Cole’s custom long-range rifle to make a successful shot at a cow standing broadside. The cow dropped from the shot and never took another step. After a 10-minute wait, Cole went back for the truck, which he drove within 60 feet of the cow, while I walked to the cow. I had hardly reached the cow, when I noticed a herd of elk, comprised of well over 150 head, on the other side of the hill. There were at least 3 gorgeous, 350” class bulls in that herd. It was an incredible sight.

After my successful first day, I spent another 2 days at camp enjoying the beautiful scenery while I hiked in the surrounding hills. Those long, strenuous walks were what I needed to offset the effects of the fantastic table fare served to us by Elaine in the cabin. 

Ferenc T.
MN, 2017

We just wanted to tell you both, thank you once again, for such a wonderful time and hunt we had with Grizzly Outfitters.  The three of us have been hunting together for a very long time.  10 years ago, the three of us started coming out west a couple of times of year to hunt.  In the 10 years, we've had some good hunts and some not so good hunts.  During this time we've been saying all along, "if we ever find that one outfitter we better stick with them".  The 3 of us agree, we just found, "that one outfitter". Not only do you run a first class operation, from the guides you have, to the camp you run,  but we've never seen the quality of game you manage.  We can tell your outfit truly cares about game and game management.  Thank you for the great hospitality and the great hunts we had with you. 3 for 3 on management mule deer and 3 for 3 on cow elk in 4 days isn't too shabby.  We will be booking again for next year hoping to get a trophy spot (we all saw several each day that we would love to get on next year).  On a side note, not sure if Pat (mine and Jamie's guide) told you or not, but we did count 58 bull elk before lunch on our first day hunting with your outfit. Unheard of!! Thank you again, talk soon.


Jason, Jamie, and Brian

Thanks for another great year. Always enjoy hanging out with friends, and all the laughs. The hunt was successful and good as ever! Brad was enjoyable to be with and is a “Great Guide”.

Thanks again.

Larry S.

I want to thank you for the wonderful experience my son and I had on the elk hunt. Thanks so much for allowing Wyatt on the hunt, he loved it – but truthfully, I think he loved dinner the best. He loves steak!

Grizzly Outfitters Rock! Endless thanks.

Tami & Wyatt
Hunting with Hero’s Donated Hunt

Thank you so much for your warm hospitality. Tim and I had a really good time. We are looking forward to coming back for the elk hunt.

Thank you.

Judy & Tim S.

Thank you for a very enjoyable hunting trip. I saw more elk than on any other trip. Elaine, the food was great. Thank you very much. I hope you are recovering from the fire ok.

Sam M.

I hope this e-mail finds you in good health. I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you both for the wonderful hunt. Neil and I were very happy with our game. Your guides are fantastic, Brad in particular was excellent on putting us on game. Neil's trophy mule deer was awesome, that deer will be hard to beat. And I had a fantastic time killing the cow elk. It is definitely a trip that we will never forget. Wyoming is a beautiful state, I was in awe by the whole trip. I also wanted to thank you for your wonderful hospitality and your cooking was very good as well. We hope to get out there again in the future. 

We wish you the best through this holiday season and always. Again thank you for the wonderful hunt. We look forward to the day we can return.


Neil and Judy F.
Westville, NY

Thank you so much for providing another incomparable experience! I am so blessed and thankful that we met that day, now twelve years ago. Your trip is the highlight of the year and I count you both as dear friends that I wish I could spend more time with.

I wish you both and the Entire Grizzly Gang the very best Thanksgiving and Holiday Season! Come and see us down here when you can. You will always be a welcome and invited guest!


Jeff B.

What a great time I had on my first mule deer hunt. I am so pleased with everything about your guide service and professionalism of your guide Jess Troutman. This was my second experience with a guide and your outfit exceeded my expectations in every way. My partner had hunted with you two years ago and he told me what to expect but it still amazed me. So many deer and elk and antelope. I had a management tag so it was the first time I ever prayed for just a three pointer. Every deer we saw was four point or better. We must have seen 20 or 30 bucks a day and all kinds of other wildlife. By the way, what do porcupines eat out in the sage? Your guide Jess showed us so many deer and elk that I lost count. That man really knows his business. The lodging and food were first class and Paul and Ann were truly gracious hosts. The whole group that hunted with us were really great people. I hope to see you again next year (2018) and try for another management mulie.

Pat B.

Dear Grizzly Outfitters,

It is a wonderful opportunity that you gave us kids! Colby was very nice and made me feel very comfortable while shooting, so thank you to him especially! The hunt was very enjoyable!


Rachel Bishop
Buffalo Lions Club Donated Youth Hunter  

Read what some of our 2016 hunters said about their hunting experiences with Grizzly Outfitters, LLC:

Cole & Elaine,

I can see the headlines in the “Wyoming Wildlife Magazine”, pregnant registered pharmacist, shoots big bull!!

A big thank you to you & Elaine for a quality hunt this past September that was provided for Maura.  If given the opportunity to rate the quality of the hunt, hospitality, housing, using a scale of 1-10, I would give a hardy “10”.  Everything was great. Realizing the elk Maura took, made for a perfect hunt & it was also a special Family Time.

November 12, 2016 there was a revealing party. Maura shot a crossbow at a black balloon, & blue paint came out! We are expecting our 3rd great grandchild in March of 2017.

Thanks again,

Jim & Greg A. and Maura L.

I want to thank you so much for such an amazing hunt. The accommodations were excellent, Paul and Ann are the most gracious and pleasant people - not to mention outstanding cooks. The atmosphere was so relaxed and felt like being with longtime friends. And I can not say enough about Jess and Tyler, especially Tyler as he was my guide. He just doesn't give up. To go out in the Polaris on the final day under the weather conditions we faced and to get the trophy deer I got will be one of the great moments of my life. You should be very proud of Tyler. He is a professional. Please tell him thank you again for such a great trip.

Tom H.

Just want to say thanks to Dennis Campbell and Grand Slam club for a pronghorn hunt at Grizzly Outfitters. I had a great hunt and also a great vacation with my family. During our 3200 mile round trip, our adventures included an array of sites and scenery, meeting several new people and experiencing a hunt that took an hour to harvest my first pronghorn. I could not have been more blessed with our trip. The Benton's were great and hope someday I can return!!

Thanks again,

Justin Shinn

Cole & Elaine,

Thanks again for a great time. Looking forward to seeing & hunting with you again soon for that big elk!

Bob R.

Hello Cole and Elaine,

 I want to thank you for providing my wife and I such a superior hunting experience. The hunting camp is top notch and the food was great! You will not go hungry! The pumpkin bars were fabulous!! All of the guides are a great bunch of guys and are very experienced and know how to put you on trophy animals! From Antelope, Mule Deer to Elk, there was definitely no shortage of quality trophy animals. You guys know how to manage the herd to keep providing hunters an amazing experience. We saw over 100 antelope, 50 mule deer and a couple herds of Elk each day. My wife was successful with harvesting an antelope as well as I was harvesting an antelope and a trophy mule deer! Brad, who was our guide, is the best guide that we have ever had! We go on guided hunts each year and have never had such a patient, understanding, experienced great person as Brad is. Even if we didn't see anything, he kept us entertained and provided us with a great time! He knows the area real well and will work hard to put you on the trophy animal of your choice. My wife and I are coming back for mule deer and I will be coming back for Bull Elk in 2020. We can't wait to come back! Thank you again for providing us such a great time. We look forward to seeing you guys again!

Rodney and Stephanie W.


My second hunt with Grizzly was well-run, effective and damned enjoyable. I talked with other clients during both of my hunts, hunters who are longtime customers in most cases, and heard universally “this outfit’s well managed, everything is well done.” Other comments included satisfaction with the amenities, and especially with specific guides.

On that subject, I’d like to compliment Colby, who guided an older hunter with some physical limitations (me) for over four days of hunting and education during the 2016 season. Colby adjusted our hunting tactics to work around my limitations without compromising the challenge and excitement of hunting. He certainly found the animals I wanted and helped me execute stalks within my capabilities.

Even more, he provided an education in how an Eastern Wyoming hunting guide thinks; where he was looking (animal habits and preferences), evaluating animals for potential, and predicting what they would do when they were startled.

Finally, his enthusiastic and positive leadership was encouraging for me – a hunter returning to the sport after a forty-year hiatus from hunting. His positive support ranged from an enthusiastic backslap after a good shot (at an antelope) to advice about regaining good trigger control after my long lapse in shooting.

A great hunting trip with an outfit that emphasizes operational excellence. 

Dennis P.


Thank you for your kindness! The hunt, food, & lodging were great. Thanks for everything & look forward to next year.

Larry S.

Cole & Elaine,

I wanted to thank for my time this year at Cabin Creek Ranch. I have hunted with other outfitters before but none as professional as Grizzly. I was very impressed with all aspects of your operation. The quality of your guides was impressive. It was a pleasure hunting with Colby Richens. He is knowledgeable, ethical, and passionate about hunting. Everything that a great guide should be.

I would gladly serve as a reference for anybody looking to book with Grizzly in the future. I also look forward to returning soon.

Kind regards,

Neal W.

Hello Cole & Elaine,

Thank you for another wonderful hunting & outdoor experience with Grizzly Outfitters. The hospitality with accommodations and Elaine's home cooked meals is outstanding. Pat's knowledge of the land and animals hunted was first class. Looking forward to hunting with you again soon. Thank you to everyone at Grizzly Outfitters.

P.S. Thank you to Bob J. for sharing your hunt with me. You got a beautiful trophy Mule Deer.

Dave S.

Cole & Elaine,

Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope all is well in Wyoming.

Primarily I wanted to email you and wish you a Merry Christmas, second I wanted to say thank you so much for the elk hunting opportunity this coming fall! My dad is so excited and bouncing around like a little kid. I too am excited but for dad it's to a whole new level. He turns 60 just before our hunt, on August 9th, and I know he views this trip as his elk hunt of a life time. What better way is there to celebrate a birthday milestone then Elk hunting!

Again I just wanted to say thank you. We greatly appreciate all you and your staff do for us.

Merry Christmas,


Cole & Elaine,

Jacob and I want to thank you for just the greatest time we ever had. You have a wonderful operation. 

I’m looking forward to coming back someday to hunt bull elk.

Thank, Ken L.

Read what some of our 2015 hunters said about their hunting experiences with Grizzly Outfitters, LLC:

I would like to thank you for guiding me on the RMEF Youth Hunt. It’s very kind of you to donate this hunt for the youth to be able to experience something like that.

I especially want to thank you personally for helping me to not only shoot my first elk, but helping me to fill my freezer. This was an awesome experience all the way through, and I appreciate that you also included my grandparents in this. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to make this a special experience for me.


Madison Booth
Buffalo RMEF Youth

Cole and Elaine; thanks for another wonderful trip. Don’t know how it’s possible, but they keep getting better and better! Visiting with you folks is like visiting with family! Hospitality second to none! I never cease to be amazed at the size and beauty of the wonderful Wyoming and Montana hunting country, and the abundance of game. Shot my best muley this time and already cooked a wonderful elk steak. The very first thing I did when I got home was grab my calendar and start looking at options for trip number 8 next fall. Wishing you and your crew all the best for the rest of the year and looking forward to seeing you next year.

P.S. Pat; I’m amazed at your ability to spot deer that I can’t even see with my 12 power binos!! Find me another big one!!

Robert E. Jorgensen

Hi Cole and Elaine,

Just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you again.  I am still in shock with the deer that Jess put Mattie on. He is such a pro and I learned so much from him. Simply Amazing. If there is any way we can thank you please let me know. I would like to opportunity to do something meaningful.  I know Mattie is drafting a story to see if it will get published in Eastmans or somewhere, certainly it will at GSCO.  Duane and his Daughter Becca also had a wonderful time. Thank you for everything.

Joe Nobles

Dear Cole and Elaine,

Wow, I just finished my eleventh hunt with Grizzly Outfitters, LLC over the last twelve years. I couldn’t be more pleased and have never been disappointed. Thanks to all of you at Grizzly for yet another great year.   Your accommodations from home cooked meals and ranch house amenities to the great scenery of high plains country are second to none, and the entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The little things that make a hunt worthwhile and exciting have consistently been available and I consider them first rate. There have always been opportunities to harvest good animals, whether mule deer, elk or antelope. My trips to northern Wyoming to hunt with Grizzly have given me great memories of my time in the field, memories I will cherish all my life. Thanks again for another enjoyable hunt. 

Wichita, KS

Cole & Elaine,

Good morning! I hope all is well on the ranch. I wanted to send a thank you letter for providing us an excellent hunt this fall! Dad and I had a fantastic time. Please see my attached letter.

As the letter states, if there is ever anything I can do for you please don't hesitate to contact me. Best wishes and I can't wait to plan our next hunting adventure.

Thank you,

Jason Powell

Dear Cole & Elaine

Thank you again for a great time at your home at Cabin Creek. Your hospitality is first class.

The food & accommodations are outstanding. The guides do a professional job in some of the best country I've hunted and the wildlife is plentiful.

I have hunted in N.M., ARIZ., COLO., IDAHO, MONT., VANCOUVER ISLAND & WYOMING. I've been on about 14 Outfitted Hunts, 8 of those have been with GRIZZLY OUTFITTERS. There is a reason for that. Cole & Elaine are dedicated to seeing that you have the time of your life.

It was good to be hunting again with Pepper. I hope I didn't wear him out. Thanks for putting up with me Pepper.

Hope to see you again next year.

Dave Stull

Hello Cole and Elaine,

I just wanted to say thank you for the hunt of a lifetime. Not only did I shoot a trophy bull elk, but I got to meet some great people.

P.S {the food and accommodations were great}

The Wyoming hunting and terrain is great and I would recommend this hunt to anyone. I hope I can do this again sometime. And thank you Cole for letting me shoot the coolest rifle I ever shot.

Hope to see you again

Stephen  Powley

Dear Cole and Elaine:

I'd just like to thank you for the amazing experience. It was great to be able to shoot my first elk under your assistance. It was very cool to see the large amount of game in the area. The food we had was absolutely amazing. My experience hunting with you was one of the best I've ever had. I will definitely remember this and talk about this forever. The hospitality was great and now my dad wants to go back!

Andrew Hornseth
Youth Donation
Alberta Game Warden Assc.
Northern Alberta, Canada

My son Rob and I would like to thank everyone for a hunt that we’ll remember for many years to come. The delicious generous meals, hospitality, guides knowledge of the game and terrain, by far exceeded our expectations. We truly look forward to returning.

Thank You,

Jim and Rob Conley
Rockwell City, Iowa


We got some awesome pics that we took on my son’s deer, but on the stalk for the deer I got, it was such a quick deal that Tyler was the only one who had a camera. He said that he would get me some in a couple of weeks before he’d get time to send them. Also Brad got some about an hour before we shot him. I know they’re busy and when they get some free time they’ll get it done. No big hurry.

When all your hunting is over, I’d like to talk about another trophy mule deer hunt.

You were right, Tyler is one heck of a guide and we were glad to get him. You two raised a fine young man!!!

Hi Cole - Had a really great hunt and looking forward to next year - it will be hard to be patient.

Jim Friedrich

Cole and Elaine,

I just wanted to send a note saying thank you for the great hunt and very enjoyable time that Ryan and I had with you last week.

Everything was excellent, food, accommodations, everyone we met was great.

We talked with Brad and Elaine and told them that we want to both apply for and Elk license as a group, I just want to confirm to you that is what we want to do. I hope it works out so we can come back next year for another great hunt with all of you.

Here is to everyone having a great rest of the year and hope to see you next year.


Gary Elza

Cole and Elaine,

Thank you so much for the great service, comradery, and good times again at Camp Creek. Coming in to be with you there reminds me so much of going home for Thanksgiving with my family and that is how I feel about you're family, even Ivan!

I am so humbled and honored that you continue to extend me the opportunity to have the "Booth Team" week there with you and I look forward to planning next year.

Good luck with the rest of the hunts and your planned good times in Mexico and best wishes to the entire Benton clan for the holidays!

Jeff Booth

Cole & Elaine,

Thanks again for another great hunt. You guys are so kind to me. Elaine, I can’t thank you enough for all the great meals and the lunch that you sent with me. Cole, thanks again for guiding me and also for taking me into MT for my antelope. Coming to your camp for me is like Christmas to a young person, I can’t wait to get there and hunt. It’s something that I look forward to all year long. You guys never let me down. I hope the rest of your hunting season goes well.

Gene Fischer

Mr. Benton,

I wish to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you! It was a wonderful experience hunting my cow elk with a professional guide such as Mr. Jess. I also would like to thank you for your generous donation to WSF. Thank you again for the amazing hospitality! I wish you a Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year.


Hunter Hasskamp
WSF Youth Donation

Just a note to thank everyone at Grizzly Outfitters who made our first trip out west a truly memorable hunt. From the quality and quantity of game, the great food (and lots of it), super accommodations, to the expertise of all the guides, this will be a hunt my son and I will never forget. Far above our expectations. Both of our trophies are at the taxidermist. Tell all we said hi and look forward to coming back soon. Many Thanks!!!

Jim and Rob Conley
Rockwell City, Iowa

Cole & Elaine,

Once again, I would like to thank you two for making my hunts at Grizzly Outfitters so enjoyable and successful.  It’s not only the hunt that I enjoy,  it’s everything about your outfit in a nut shell.

I’m not sure I can put my experiences in words with you guys.  Your kindness toward me, your accommodations, and the delicious meals.  I want you to know I really appreciate everything - - - more than I can tell you.

My hunts with you just can’t come soon enough each year.  I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to hunt with you guys all these years.

Thanks again,


Hello Cole & Elaine,

We’d like to thank you both for your kind hospitality during our hunt this past fall. We both had a tremendous time. Please thank Ed the next time you see him. He’s a fine man and we enjoyed his company & guiding skill & experience. Look forward to hunting with you again. 

Kirk & Valerie L.

Read what some of our 2014 hunters said about their hunting experiences with Grizzly Outfitters, LLC:

Cole, Elaine and Crew, 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say thanks again for an amazing experience. More than simply a hunt, it was the combination of the vast diversity of 250,000 acres, the seemingly endless abundance of wild game, the expertise of your professional guides, the comfort of your home and the warm welcoming hospitality that made this the all-encompassing experience that it was. Easily one of my all-time favorite hunting memories and I will be back for more. If folks aren’t hunting with Grizzly Outfitters I believe they’re missing something very special.

Bob Greene
Leavenworth, Kansas

I first hunted with Grizzly Outfitters in 2000. This last November completed my sixth hunt and it won’t be my last. This is wonderful spot and stalk hunting in huge stunning country full of game! The guides seem to have hawk-like eyes, providing an astonishing capability to see and judge game from long distances. Cole and Elaine Benton are wonderful hosts! They welcomed me into their home and made me feel like family.   The home cooked food from Elaine’s kitchen is mouth-watering good. Oh, you want dessert too? You got it!! Don’t plan to lose weight! As you sit around the dinner table and hear the stories, you will come to realize that Cole is an outfitter committed to ethical fair chase hunting and care and stewardship of the land and game. The experience will create memories to last a lifetime. I plan to create many more in the years to come.

Bob Jorgensen

Dear Cole and Elaine,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the fantastic time I spent at your cabin! I will never forget this fantastic experience and I sure will try to come back next year. In fact, I was already looking at your offerings. Would there be a chance to combine a management mule deer hunt with a cow elk hunt? If there is, what would be the cost. Though these questions might be a bit too early as I have no idea what the next year might hold for me financially.

I hope all is well in WY and the bull elk hunter who arrived to camp after me connected with a nice bull. Also, did you have a chance to have Cody tested for Cushing’s disease or hypothyroidism?

Lastly, please find attached a brief thank you note you are welcome to post on your testimonial page.

If possible please confirm the receipt of this email, wishing you all the best.

Ferenc Toth

Hello Cole and Elaine,

Thank you for a great hunt. I've never met an outfitter with such a high degree of integrity and professionalism. It shows in all your guides too.

I had an uneventful ride home. Meat is in freezer and deer rack at taxidermist. I'm having a shoulder mount done.

Brad was a great guide and a very nice person. I enjoyed all the time spent with him.

Have a good season.

Thanks again,

Fred Voeltz

Elaine & Cole,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for a wonderful elk hunt. You were very hospitable hosts, the food and accommodations were beyond what I expected and Pat did an outstanding job guiding me through the hunt.

I made it back a couple days earlier than planned so I have a couple extra days for deer hunting here in Michigan!

Good luck for the rest of your hunts this season. I look forward to returning in the future.



Mr. Benton:

I wanted to thank you for inviting me to go elk hunting.  I really enjoyed getting my first elk with a professional guide.  I learned a lot from Mr. Pat and I really appreciate him taking me.  My family and I love elk burger and steak so we are really excited about getting one in the freezer!  I have wanted to get an elk for a long time so I really appreciate having had the privilege to go.  Thanks again.

James Northey
Age 13

Good Morning Elaine and Cole.

Wanted to send a note to thank you for everything you have done for my kids this fall.  Mattie’s hunt with you and Jess will be one we always remember.  She had such a great time and speaks so highly of you both when she tells her goat story.  As we get a little closer to draw season I would like to talk to you about buying a pronghorn hunt for her since it sounds like that is typically the best way to spend the mid- day hours while hunting for a trophy muley buck.  I can’t begin to tell you how excited she is for that, she really has the bug and I am thrilled. She has also asked that we get her on the list for a bull in the future.  We understand that we are talking a few years out which suites us fine.  Please let me know if that is possible and what that process is.    Next I want to let you know how much I appreciate you doing the leg work to get Sean on a hunt with Wayne Nelson.  Again we had a great time and once again it could not have gone better.  Wayne was awesome to Sean and we had a great time. Sean got a great buck.  After he made the shot he turned back and looked at me a with the biggest, broadest smile I have ever seen on him.  Two first timers, two great hunts and greats goats.  A fall I will always treasure.

Best Regards,

Joe Nobles

Thank you very much for giving me this chance.  I had a very good time it was a very good experience.  I think it is very nice of you to donate this hunt.  It was really awesome to take a 418 yard shot.  I haven’t ever thought about shooting that far.  With your awesome gun it made the shot completely possible.  The scope made the elk look like it was 200 yards away.  I thought it was super fun when I killed the elk and then you killed yours.  It was fun to get a double. 

I want to thank you for letting us stay at your lodge. It is very nice of your wife Elaine to cook for us.  She is a wonderful cook and the food was great.  Once again, thank you for everything you and your wife did for us.  I hope I can win this hunt again next year.

Drake Amundson
Age 13, WY WSF donation

Hey Cole and Elaine,

Just wanted to thank you both again for your hospitality and making my elk hunt very enjoyable hope we can do it again.


Dear Cole & Elaine,

My son Rob and I had a tremendous time at your place in October, we saw an abundance of wildlife and enjoyed the lodge and guests and had a wonderful time with Pepper.  It was quite a site watching Pepper and me belly crawl through the sagebrush 200 yards uphill!  Thanks much, we highly recommend your place to anybody who want a top quality western hunting experience.

Robert R.

Cole & Elaine,

We all had a great hunt, meals and camaraderie. Ed & I thank you for that.

We drove through an ice storm from Wisconsin to our home in S. E. Michigan our 22 hour drive took near 25 hours, but we made it safe and sound. (cracked windshield from salt was the only casualty)

We all took a nap and we were able to process our 2 Mule deer and cow Elk and they are now safe in our freezers.  We cooked up some mule deer and elk meat for all to try out and even the non-wild game eaters liked the taste.

We hope the other hunters filled their respective tags and you are all enjoying the evening, even Pepper may be happy at this point.

Ed is now packing for the trip to West Virginia for a week hunt up in the mountains North of Elkins, WV. He will hunt something till Jan 1st of 2015.

Once again we really enjoyed our time together in the field and the lodge, good father son time.

Have a great day and a safe winter, it's starting early here again this year.

Tom Berns

Drake traveled to northern Wyoming to hunt elk with Grizzly Outfitters / Cole Benton in early November.  Drake was the lucky winner of a raffle for a guided cow elk hunt for a youth at the Wyoming Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation's annual convention in Casper last summer.

After a full day of spot and stalk, Drake, his Grandpa Ron, and Cole located a small herd of elk in a patch of timber, a 418 yard shot was taken, and a nice young cow elk tagged.  Drake dropped her in her tracks!  Cole also had a tag, and was able to follow up Drake's harvest with another cow.

Part of the raffle included free elk processing at Big Horn Meats in Buffalo, Wyoming.  Our family looks forward to eating Drake's cow this winter!

Thanks to Cole & Elaine Benton / Grizzly Outfitters for promoting youth hunting!  Gotta keep those young ones involved!

Ryan Amundson


Got home safe yesterday at 1:00   pm. Had a great time as always, food was also great and the hunt was great too. See you and Cole and Cody next year.

Thank you and Cole for everything.


Thank you for taking me on this hunt. I originally thought we wouldn’t have gotten her but we did and often reflect on that beautiful day and how it all came together.

Thank you Cole.

Jade Smith
Buffalo RMEF youth donation

Read what some of our 2013 hunters said about their hunting experiences with Grizzly Outfitters, LLC:

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Benton,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to hunt an elk for my first time.  Your generosity allowed me to do something that young people my age never are able to do.

One of my favorite parts was having Cody along on the hunt.  It was a real treat having Cody with us. You have created a memory that will last a lifetime for me and my grandparents.  The meat will be welcomed and enjoyed by my family.

Again thank you very, very much.

Ryan Mauck
Youth RMEF hunter, Buffalo, WY 

Thanks again for a great hunt and a great time. Hope that I can do it again.

Dave P. - PA

Elaine, Cole, Pepper, & (of course) Cody,

Tim and I would like to thank you for your generous hospitality during Tim’s antelope hunt.  We both had a wonderful time. I enjoyed seeing a real ranch especially after all the time I spent learning about it.

Tim & Liz M.

We can hardly believe our hunt is over!  Trip home was beautiful weather & countryside.  For your warm hospitality and overly generous meals three times a day, we are most appreciative.  For the guys’ expertise, efficiency, and teamwork, we were most impressed. 

Kathryn & Bugsy S.

Cole and Elaine

Thanks for a great hunt, the food and lodge were great. Pat did a great job getting me on my best mule deer yet. Thanks to Ed and Pepper for their help as well. I plan on coming back next year and bringing Lisa. Thanks to all. 

Randy L.

I just wanted to say hello and happy hunting. I had a great experience while hunting with you this past September. Hunting hard sure pays off!! Elaine your cooking is awesome!! Say hello to Pepper for me! Be safe and may you all have a safe hunting season and happy holidays as well. Hope to join you again sometime for another great hunt!

Rodney B.

Thanks for a great hunt with your team last week.  We enjoyed meeting each of the guides (Jessie, Tyler, & Colby).  Ileta (& Shana) took great care of us and made us feel right at home.  We enjoyed the food each night and the company of the other hunters.  Jessie did a great job of showing us the area & we saw lots of mule deer, antelope, & elk.  With the wintery weather approaching we felt quite lucky to harvest all three animals on the second day of the hunt.  Jessie did a great job of guiding and dressing the animals.  We were impressed with the teamwork of the guides as they helped each other to cape & skin the animals as many hunters harvested animals on the second day.  Kathryn harvested a nice antelope, and I harvested an antelope & a management mule deer.  Then it snowed.  We had a great experience.

Rolf & Kathryn

Cole and Elaine

I drove all the way 1,060 miles and 16 hrs. This was my 3rd time there and it gets better every time. Wished I could have hunted longer but was VERY HAPPY with the Bull I shot. Hunting was short but GREAT and the food was GREAT also. Will see you again next year. Thanks again for another great Time.

Bob W.

Cole & Elaine,

Thank you ever so much for a wonderful experience we will always remember.  You are great people in a wonderful part of this country. 

It is great what you do for young hunters, very important for our future.  I think you will see us again, we can see a lot of reason to come back!!

Kelly & Sawyer Knorr
Youth hunter - Alberta Canada 

P.S. Give Cody an extra pat on the shoulder for us!

Dear Elaine, Cole, Pepper, Pat, & Cody

James & I just want to say “thank you” again for such a great experience, all the good food, plenty of laughs, and of course the warm snuggles from Cody! We really had a wonderful time and know we’re truly BLESSED to have met you all.

Nancy D.

Mr. Benton,

Thank you for letting me hunt on your ranch.  It was very cool to see all of the animals including the biggest bull elk I’ve ever seen.  Please say thanks to Pat, he really knows his stuff.  Although I didn’t get anything, this was the best hunting trip I’ve ever been on.  Thank you,

John T.
Youth hunter Billings, MT

Cole and Elaine,

What can I say, my second year hunting with you and another great mule deer buck. This year I hunted the Montana mule deer rut and there were bucks everywhere. Whenever you seen a couple of does, there was usually a buck with them. What an experience, I never had a hunt like that before. I also had an opportunity to harvest a cow elk. I did not think that hunting a cow elk would be that exciting, boy was I wrong. From the time we spent glassing for them, looking for them on foot, putting a stalk on them from about 1200 yards, to finally a 200 yard shot; it was a great experience. This year I had the opportunity to hunt two of your guides (Pepper and Patrick), both are truly professionals and know their game animals and terrain very well. The hospitality and meals at camp are second to none. I look forward to hunting with you for many years in the future.

Jim D.


I want to thank you and your team for a wonderful hunt.  The guides, accommodations and food were all excellent.  I enjoyed the wonderful people and got to see some beautiful land.

I would highly recommend your guide service and look forward to hunting with you all next year.

Larry L.

Hi Cole and family,

I just wanted to say thanks again for the great hunt for my dad, Doug.  He truly had the time of his life.  Everything was greatly appreciated. You were right in getting Rod for our guide, he's a great guy, we all made a friend there.  It was certainly unfortunate that dad didn't get his bull, and although looking back it would seem that he should have shot that bull the first night but, I’m kind of glad he didn't.  If he would have, we wouldn't have got to know Rod at all, or make any of the memories from the rest of the week. also, the days dad came back up, he still talks about those a lot. Sounds like the bulls were really rutting hard then. Ol dad might not have filled, but he certainly got to see some giant bulls and had a lot of fun.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short, but thanks again.  It was a pleasure meeting and hanging out with all of you, and certainly the trip of dads life. Hope all is well up there!

Brad J.
Newcastle, WY

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